Tuesday, March 3, 2015

October 2007 issue of American Funeral Director featuring Bonnie and Clyde !

The entire 6 part series of 1934 True Detective articles of Clyde & Bonnie in 1934, thanks to my good friends Taronda McCardle Schulz and Bob Fischer !

July 1934 issue of True Detective Magazine !

August 1934 issue of True Detective magazine !

September 1934 issue of True Detective magazine !

October 1934 issue of True Detective magazine !

November 1934 issue of True Detective magazine !

Dexter, my photoshopped version of the Dexter camp, using a photo of the actual camp spot and car used by the gang !

Wednesday, July 9, 2014

The folks involved in this famous photo of Emma being helped from the funeral parlor after Bonnies service.

Back row L-R.... Pat Plummer Bonnies aunt, Hubert {Buster} Parker Bonnies brother, Edith Clay Parker Busters wife, front row L-R.....Funeral director, Emma Parker Bonnies mother, Fletcher {Dutchie} Smoot Bonnies cousin !

Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Death car photo, colorized by C. Flynn...

Death photo's colorized by C. Flynn....

Family reunion shortly before their deaths ! colorized by C. Flynn....

Front row L-R.. Marie Barrow , Emma Parker and Bonnie, back row L-R....Billie Jean Parker, Clyde and LC Barrow !

Bonnie and Clyde death photos !

Some of my photoshop creations !

Bonnie Parker working at Marco's cafe circa 1926, colorized by C.Flynn...

Hubert Nicholas {buster} Parker {Bonnies brother} and his wife Edith Clay Parker !...

Frank Hamer !


Clyde Barrow and his sister Artie ! circa 1925....courtesy of Stefanie Charlesworth....

New photo's of Clyde Barrow ! circa 1926....courtesy of Freda Ann Dillard, thanks Freda !....