Wednesday, March 28, 2012

I would like to share this email I got with you !

This is a very interesting story and I would like to thank our friend Jenn. B for sharing it with us, anyone who has a cool story and would like to share it with us can email me at.....  and I will be glad to post it, thanks !                                            
, Hello, Saw your article in local paper. Would like to share a story. Was watching a story on Bonnie and Clyde on history channel with a brother and my father 8-9 years ago. After they showed the car riddled with holes my father let out a long sigh and said "Clyde was such a nice guy." My brother and I looked at each other and thought Dad had lost it. When we asked him he said Clyde had saved his life when he was visiting uncle Will's farm in Grove City, IL. He said he was yelling at an hog and fell into the hog pit. Dad said he was screaming and thought the pig was going to get him when Clyde jumped into the pit and started yelling at the pig until Dad could get out of the pit. He said Clyde laughed at him for falling in and told him to be more careful. Dad would have been 8-10 years old. We didn't put much stock into it until we found out that there really was an uncle Wills farm in Grove City. His full name is William Sadler. We asked Dad why he had not talked about it before. He said he had gotten into so much trouble when he told my gran abut going to Clyde s house. He said that when all the trouble came out the police had searched granddad's house in Decatur (Sawyer Street by the RR tracks) in the middle of the night. Gran had forbid him or any of his siblings to discuss anything about it and he never had. You didn't cross Gran. He had some really interesting stories.
. He said Clyde had a house next to uncle Will's farm but that he had lost the key. They had to climb in and out through the window which Dad thought was fun. He said Clyde was poor and did not have much furniture and slept on the floor. He said Clyde bought an old black car but he couldn't reach the pedals so he had Dad tie a block of wood over the pedal to help Clyde reach it with his foot. He said he rode around the field with him in the car. I'm not sure what year this would have happened. Dad was born in 1926.
A few years later my mother in law was buried at Grove City Cemetery. Uncle Wills farm is up on a hill next to the old cemetery. I asked the funeral director (from Pana) about the potential history of Bonnie and Clyde in the area. He told me everyone knew Bonnie and Clyde hung out around there. He also said that Bonnie and Clyde would have get together s with friend/family at the cemetery because no one would question a family gathered at the cemetery.
Thought you might find this interesting. We did.
Thank you for your stories as well.
Jenn B.