Wednesday, October 3, 2012

RR Auction's Gangsters, Outlaws & Lawmen Preview for Live Auction on Sept 30th

RR auction film clip advertisement, after watching & listening to this, I have questions.... it says Frank Hamer said this gun was taped to her upper thigh with medical tape, he said the reason she taped it there was no gentleman would search there, well.... guess who found it ? LOL.... guess he is not much of a gentleman huh ? not only that but he contradicted himself shortly after by saying she was squating on the gun in the car, well which was it Frank? taped to her leg or squating on it ? you know...I try to see Hamer as a good lawman, that he was only doing his job, but .... once again thats not the case, I try to give him the bennifit of the doubt but again, stuff like this comes out and blows it for me..... I personally dont think she had a gun {on her} at the time at all, there are alot of things Hamer did that day that alot of folks don't know about !